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Unexpected plumbing

So I look like I've been fighting with cats. My arms are all scratched up... but at least we have running water again, and not running on the floor.

Sunday evening I decided to replace a leaky shutoff valve on our water heater. It had been leaking since it was installed about six years ago, about a drop a minute or two. That was enough to make some serious rust around where the pipe goes into it. When I went to disconnect the old valve, rather than unscrewing from the tank, the pipe going into the tank twisted around, breaking down inside the water heater. I didn't realize how screwed I was at the time, and went about replacing the valve, and doing a pretty shitty job at it too. (I hate working with copper pipe. I used to think it was neat, but I hate it now.)

Anyway, I get the valve hooked up and turn it on and it leaks out of the top of the tank, all around where it is rusted. So I get some epoxy to try to stem the tide... to no avail. So I skip work and class yesterday. We go to home depot and order a new water heater installed and I start working like a madman to rip out all the old iron pipe I can. I just barely was able to rerun the water to the heater in time to hook it up. Yay, for CPVC! It took until about 8 pm last night before everything was hooked up again. I'm getting pretty good at this now. Unfortunately I used the wrong glue on most of the pipes I've put up, but oh well. It is holding and not leaking, so I have little motivation to replace the joints right now. Maybe in a couple months I'll get back to it and finish taking out the iron pipes. *whew*

So this is another random skill I am building up. Whee.
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