blade_bunny (blade_bunny) wrote,

Should we help people pay their mortgages?

Yes. Within reason, and from all I know Obama's plan in well within reason, yes. Am I bothered that we are "encouraging bad behaviour?" No. I've plotted a course in my life that has paid off and we can make our payments, but there was quite a bit of luck involved. I just saw that rant on CBS by that Santelli asshole... fucking asshole. You know what? Traders aren't a cross section of the populace. Traders are fucking assholes. They're the ones that have been running this economy into the ground. It is their fault, the market's fucking fault that companies are driven to self-destruction for short term gain. It is their fault that these people have lost jobs and it is their fault that people were encouraged to get mortgages they can't afford... just fucking pisses me off.

Anyway, yes, I'm one of those people that can pay my mortgage and I think this plan is an excellent idea...
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