blade_bunny (blade_bunny) wrote,

Meh, don't need motorcycle instructor...

Whee, I've got my Ninja. It is very green, a Kawasaki Ninja 250. Learning to ride, watching vids on youtube. This morning I actually drove to a gas station and filled it up, whee. $5 of 93 octane fills the tank about 3/4 of the way. It is a lot of fun. I just got it Monday. Except for the gas station I'm just riding around the neighborhood. Maybe I'll be ready for the license exam this weekend. I feel totally comfortable on it, the handling is totally intuitive. Only problem is I still haven't got the clutch mastered. Every now and then I get it backwards and release the clutch while braking and thus stall the bike, but I'm making that mistake less and less.

I signed up for the JJC riding program, but the only standby seat I could get was in June, I'll almost certainly have my license by then, but completing the course may help insurance...
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