blade_bunny (blade_bunny) wrote,

Busy day

Kallisti and I went downtown today. First thing we parked in the loop and, after chasing a few pigeons we went up to the L. We got on and rode around the loop and back. When we got off the conductor asked if we were going to the sears tower, he was surprised that riding the L was the reason we were in the loop. We looked up at the Sears (or ahem, Willis) Tower, but trains are more fun.

From there we went to China town to buy some candy. One of my classmates was supposed to hang out with us, but she cancelled due to some personal drama. So we just got the candy and went on to the field museum.

We were there primarily to see dinosaurs, but wandered around aimlessly from exhibit to exhibit. We kept getting distracted on the way to the dinos, it was much fun. I like the way they've done the dinosaurs now, in context of overall life evolving and talking about extinctions. As a kid I just remember them being haphazardly arranged in a big room. Kallisti had us sit and watch all the video clips, she especially liked the ones about "brontosaurus".

After the museum we went out and rolled down hills outside :-D
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