blade_bunny (blade_bunny) wrote,


This weekend I'm off to St. Louis. This will be my first substantial trip on my motorcycle, though I have been out for some ~40 minute rides in the middle of the night lately. Those have been really fun. I've discovered that verything is beautiful in the middle of the night on a motorcycle... but I intend to keep this trip within daylight hours. I've been glancing at maps, and it looks like I'm doing the historic route 66 from Joliet to St. Louis. My bike is still in the break-in period, so I shouldn't take it out on highway 55. To be nice to the engine it looks like I'll be averaging 50-55 mph. Which is cool. Ride within my limits and all... and also, remembering the wind farm in Indiana... no idea what I might see that you can't see from the main highway. Must bring a better camera than my laptop!
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